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Helping Hands Needed!

Current Opportunities:

  • Organize and fill purses (Super easy, not a big time commitment, Huge Help!)

    • During office hours, 1 hour of your time can fill 25 purses!​

  • Pick up donations at Cranky Al's and Starbucks (Easy if you have a car, not a big time commitment, Huge Help!)

    • pick ups are once a week, let us know if you can help once a month or more!​

  • Feet on the Street Outreach ( Training required and provided by Nancy, 2 to 3 hour commitment, Huge Help!)

    • Nancy needs support out there on the street, she goes out 1 - 2 times per week​

  • Staff our Drop In Spot (Training and or experience needed, 4 hour commitment, HUGE help!)

    • We are open 9pm - 9am​

    • 4 hour or 8 hour shifts Thursday - Tuesday

  • Deliver Filled purses to our partners (Easy if you have a car, not a big time commitment, Huge Help!)

    • 1 time per month we drop off purses at our partner organizations​

Stop by or call the office (414-800-6269) to sign up to help!

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