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Our SERVICES include outreach, training, referrals for resources and services with our partners, and speaking out on awareness and prevention tactics and techniques.

Our progams include:

  • S.O.S Sisters of Survival - Feet on the Street Outreach™(Purpose Filled Purse ™)

  • Humble Beginnings Cafe ™:

  • Reaping the Harvest ™  - We pick up donations from local Starbucks and share with those in need in our community

  • I Am A Survivor ™ - Women's empowerment group

  • Keeping it Real - Men's Group

  • Letters of Love ™ - Hand written letters of encouragement and hope

  • Advocacy through Speaking - Nancy Yarbrough is an expert in human trafficking and recovery and she shares her knowledge with those who want to learn and help others.

Feet on the Street Outreach™ hits the streets several times a week with the goal of meeting the needs of those who have fallen victim to human trafficking, homelessness, hopelessness, drug addiction, or domestic abuse. 

Our outreach uses a harm reduction model that includes meeting and accepting people where they are in their lives letting them know we are there for them and ready to help when they are ready for help.

Our initial connection is out on the streets in the community contact, then we moving into recovery steps that include alcohol/drug treatment, support, and transitional living, and finally ongoing support groups specialized for youth, adults, and families.


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