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Running Start

Running Start Monthly Donation

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This program generates sustainable funds to support our new Humble Beginnings ™ Drop In Spot. We provide a safe, warm place to get the women off the streets overnight, 5 nights a week. Sustainable giving will enable us to be open every night. Our outreach services use harm reduction methods to builds trust and a provide an opportunity for these women to get the support they need to be survivors! 


Our outreach has allowed us to change the lives or the people we serve. We have given hope to over 250 women in our Feet on the Street outreach and Humble Beginnings Drop in Spot, we have given out over 1000 purses, we  sponsored survivors to make a difference in their community and helped dozens more get the AODA treatment and other support they needed to become survivors! The more we reach out the more we reach! Help us keep up the great work supporting our community.

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