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We strengthen families, restore the underprivileged people of society, and rebuild

communities. We are committed to advocating and raising awareness of social justice

issues by strategically creating social development programs to transform the lives

of those we serve and their environments.

Fresh Start Learning Inc. has made great strides in the community through our outreach and advocacy for domestic violence, human trafficking, and other struggles that plague our society. We are committed to reaching higher heights and deeper depths to improve the quality of life for those who have lost hope.

Our holistic approach to achieving doable goals one step at a time through our Simple Concepts program starts with meeting our clients where they are out on the street. Our approach uses the harm reduction model with a Sisters of Survival crew. We offer a friendly smile and a Purpose-filled Purse filled with personal care items and a letter of love to let them know we are here to help when they are ready.


The journey continues once they are ready for our help, we provide resources for counseling, AODA treatment, legal services, and medical services. Preparations for re-entering the community again begin with life and job skills training, employment opportunities, and support groups. Those that were once victims have become survivors that can be sustained!

Our Story
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