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Thank YOU to all our Donors!

Foundations and Organizations

Kaztex Foundations Inc

Scripp Howard Foundation

End Abuse Wisconsin

Lassid Ministries Inc

Community Baptist Church

Beth Israel Congregation

Community Church of the Nazarene


Stephanie Truckenmiller

Cindy Zarate

Mike Robertson

Nancy Pajewski

Tabatha  Jordan

Diane Wolff

Tine Dueringer

Daysha Smith

Debbie Lassiter

Melanie Jones

Bernadette Allen

Trina Coleman

Steve Wageman

Charles and Debra Schuh

Brent and Marge  Nicholson

Michael and Tina Bader

David and Cody Hazenfield

Marilyn Cannon Miller

Peggy Handy

Dawn and Dale Quakkelaar

Ann Bonneau

Susan Christian

Shannon Simms

Andrea Bernstein

Thank you to Neo Soul Productions for our branding!

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